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Virus Removal


Computer Diagnosis


Antivirus Software


PC Tune-Up

Is your computer or laptop broken, or won't start? No worries, just make an appointment.

Our repair experts will diagnose what's wrong and make all necessary repairs.

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Computer Diagnosis and Repair

Computer Processor


05/23 - 09/23

  1. Upgrade systems to enable compatible software

  2. Perform tests on new hardware and software

  3. Define software, hardware and network requirements

  4. Data Recovery

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50% Off
Computer Tutorials


05/23 - 09/23

  1. Install and configure hardware and software components

  2. Install and upgrade antivirus software

  3. Device Setup

  4. ​Home Wi-Fi Setup

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20% Off
Computer Programming


05/23 - 09/23

  1. With a "BV" Protection Plan on your PC computer or tablet, you're covered for accidental drops, spills or cracks. we'll repair it.

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50% Off
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