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61-year-old Rideshare driver Beaten And Carjacked By 3 Women In Broad Daylight

Danxin Shi, a rideshare driver, had just parked his car in front of his apartment on West 22nd Place when three women reportedly chased after him before physically attacking him at around 5:30 p.m.

Surveillance footage of the incident shows one of the women hitting Shi with what appears to be a pipe as he lies on the ground.

“They're holding me, you know, three people, three girls hitting and beating me,” Shi told ABC7 Chicago. “I have a key and they took my key.”

Although the 61-year-old tried to stop the attackers, the women reportedly managed to flee the scene with his car.

While Shi suffered scratches across his body, he said that the loss of his vehicle has had a greater impact on him as a driver.

“Right now I have nothing to drive, I just stay home because I have no car, but next week I try to rent a car,” he said.

The Chicago Police Department is currently searching for the suspects. Shi hopes that the GPS in his vehicle can help police recover it.



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