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6ix9ine’s Original Music Plans with Drake, Lil Wayne & Birdman

Just weeks before 6ix9ine was arrested for the Federal Racketeering charges with Nine-Tr3yway, he was on the verge of working with some major artists. When he originally busted on the major scene in early 2018, many artists were hesitant to work with him from social media trolling.

However, Nicki Minaj became the first major artist to work with 6ix9ine, on a mainstream pop level, which was his biggest single to date for “FEFE.” If you remember, Tekashi joked about signing to Birdman (with Young Thug), following the launch of “Gummo.”

Well, he wasn’t trolling, as we’ve been told some eye-raising content this weekend. In fact, both Lil Wayne and Birdman were looking to sign him to Young Money and Ca$h Money, respectively, and had major singles on the way right before he got locked up.

Considering he was one of the only rappers last summer that had singles charting with Drake’s “In My Feelings,” there was rumblings of a collaborative project too.

After Kanye West worked with him on the Dummy Boy album, Weezy was adamant on getting in the studio with him last November and even had plans of linking him up with Drake and OVO Sound. It’s unclear if we’ll ever get that music from these parties, considering unfortunate events that happened with the federal government.

We thought it was interesting to bring this information to light before everyone shares their 6ix9ine stories in the weeks leading up to his release.



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