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A viral argument over a $4,600 dinner bill

A mega-viral argument over a $4,600 dinner bill has sparked heated debate about how you're supposed to split the check

A video that appeared to show a group of diners arguing about splitting the check for an expensive meal blew up on TikTok and prompted a massive online debate — but some users say the drama may have been fabricated for views.

On Monday, a TikToker who goes by Viccgotti posted a video of diners arguing whether they should split the cost of a birthday meal.

"I'm only paying for what's on the check, I'm not splitting the bill," Viccgotti, whose real name is Victor Christian, could be heard saying at the start of the video. Christian and another diner said they should only pay for what they had eaten, but others at the table argued they should split the cost.

In the caption of the video, which received more than 13.5 million views, Christian wrote that the bill came to $4,600 and appealed to his viewers to ask who was wrong.

For further context, he uploaded a longer version of the argument the same day, which received 3.1 million views. The new video appeared to show one of the guests saying that she shouldn't have to pay because it was her birthday. Christian argued that the bill should have been divided based on who ordered what — and that since he and another attendee didn't drink, they should be exempt from paying for the expensive liquor bottles ordered that evening.

Many viewers agreed that the TikToker was right and that the diners should only be expected to pay for what they had ordered. As one commenter put it, "Why pay 500$ when I only ate a 20$ salad???"

Others said it would've been a nice gesture to cover the cost of the birthday girl's dinner. And a third faction suggested the birthday girl had a responsibility to pay for everyone at the table because she had presumably invited them to begin with.

Some said the whole thing could have been avoided if they had communicated properly beforehand. "Yall should've had that established before sitting down," one viewer pointed out in a comment that received more than 21,600 likes.

The heated debate soon spread to Twitter, where the clip was reshared the same day by the user @shannonsharpeee and racked up a further 15.9 million views as well as 8,500 quote tweets. Viewers echoed similar points made on TikTok and asked why people couldn't just pay for their own food. But others suggested the whole thing was fake.



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