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Angie Martinez Suffers Shattered Vertebrae in a "severe" car crash

Radio host Angie Martinez was involved in a devastating car crash recently. The Power 105 radio legend took to social media on Monday morning (Nov. 4) to clear the air and detail that she was recovering from major injuries suffered in the "severe" wreck.

"I’ve always believed in angels and mine was with me the other morning. I was in a severe car accident and sustained a fractured lumbar and shattered vertebrae,”

she said of her injuries but didn't divulge any further details of the crash. Martinez said she's remaining in the highest of spirits through it all.

"I'm recovering and will be for some time, but I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to do that," she wrote. "Wanted you all to hear it from me first and know that although this is a different time, I am in the best spirits possible and determined to be back and better than ever soon! God Bless and I deeply appreciate all love & prayers."



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