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Barack Obama’s Estranged Brother Malik Shares Throwback Photo of the Former President

‘Sold His Soul to the Devil’ Calls Him a ‘Snake’ and a ‘Trader’ In Twitter Rant

Former President Barack Obama is no longer in office, but the disdain his half-brother Malik Obama felt for him during his two terms remains the same.

The self-proclaimed proud Republican renewed interest in the hard feelings he harbors towards Barack after firing off a series of tweets lambasting his sibling.

He began on Aug. 13 when he wrote, “Me and Fake a— a snake (President Barack Obama) when he was a nobody,” along with a throwback photo of them in Kenyan garb. The next day, he commented, “Before he became a SNOB,” on the post.

The vitriol spilled into more tweets that read, “I just wanted to be Fake a— a snakes (President Barack Obama)’s big brother but he rejected me. He (President Barack Obama) is fake as a snake and is a TRAITOR,” and “HE HAS SOLD HIS SOUL TO THE DEVIL.”

One person concluded the rift between them was a byproduct of “Jealousy , plain old jealousy. @BarackObama sought out his family after losing his father. He found love but also a tangled web. They were each other’s best men. I speculate he expected too much of his brother, perhaps he was lent money for some hairbrained scheme & cut off.”

Another person told Malik, “You are just a loser, trying too use the LEGENDARY Barack Obama’s name to sell your book.”

When another tweeter offered to help facilitate a reconciliation, Malik responded, “That guy thinks he’s GOD. Trust me I TRIED!”

The men, who share a father, Barack H. Obama Sr., were once close, according to a 2013 GQ feature on Malik. Three years later, a shift had taken place. Barack was head of state from January 2009, when he was inaugurated, to January 2017, when Donald Trump became president.

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