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Black Sheriff Killed While Confronting White white Teenager About Loud Music

About 8:15 p.m. Saturday, Williams was shot at the QV convenience store near the Lowndes County Courthouse on the downtown square in Hayneville. Law enforcement apprehended the suspect William

after a nearly four-hour search when he walked up to the shooting scene about 12:05 a.m. Sunday with a firearm in his hand and was taken into custody after the manhunt.

Johnson has been charged with murder, according to Elmore jail records. No bond has been set. Williams approached the truck Johnson was driving and asked him why his music was so loud. That’s when allegedly Johnson shot Williams once in the head. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency is investigating. ALEA wouldn’t comment Sunday afternoon on if Williams was in uniform at the time of the shooting, or if he was driving a marked or unmarked vehicle.

Williams’ alleged killer is the son of a law enforcement officer. The 18-year old was arrested at least once for possessing alcohol and brass knuckles.

The charges were dismissed.



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