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Bob Barker's Cause of Death Revealed

The host of The Price Is Right, who died late last month at age 99 in his Hollywood Hills home, died as a result of Alzheimer's Disease, according to his death certificate obtained by PEOPLE.

The document indicated that Barker had been living with the disease for "years," though the specific time of diagnosis was not provided.

Hypertension (high blood pressure), hypothyroidism and hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) were also listed as "other significant conditions" that contributed to Barker's death, per the certificate.

Barker had dealt with numerous health issues in recent years. In January 2019, paramedics were called to Barker's Hollywood Hills home after he fell, thought he was not hospitalized.

In October 2018, Barker's manager confirmed to PEOPLE that an ambulance and the fire department came to Barker’s Hollywood Hills home in response to a "non-emergency back problem."

Barker’s publicist Roger Neal confirmed the news of the 15-time Daytime Emmy winner’s death on Aug. 26. “It is with profound sadness that we announce that the World’s Greatest MC who ever lived, Bob Barker, has left us," Neal said in a statement.

The TV host’s girlfriend, Nancy Burnet, also shared some words about Barker at the time.

“I am so proud of the trailblazing work Barker, and I did together to expose the cruelty to animals in the entertainment industry and including working to improve the plight of abused and exploited animals in the United States and internationally," Burnet said. "We were great friends over these 40 yrs. He will be missed.”

CBS, where Barker hosted The Price Is Right for 35 years, honored him with a primetime tribute on Thursday.

“Most people remember Bob from the 35 years he spent hosting The Price Is Right," current Price Is Right host Drew Carey said at the beginning of the special. "So it's easy to forget that for 18 years, he was a fixture in America's living rooms for Truth or Consequences, a radio host before that, and a naval aviator during World War II. We’ll also remember Bob for his tireless work on behalf of all animals from whales and elephants to the cats and dogs who reminded everybody at the end of the show to get spayed or neutered.”

Carey, 65, referred to Barker as a “legend” before introducing a clip package that looked back on Barker’s career.

Barker began hosting The Price Is Right in 1972. The game show went on to became the longest-running game show in U.S. history and turned Barker into the longest-tenured game show host.

"I'm often asked what I loved most about my years with Price, and the first thing that pops to mind is ... the money, of course!" Barker told PEOPLE in 2021. “All kidding aside, there was much to love. I had the pleasure of working with a dedicated and talented cast and crew for 35 great years.”

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