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Bus driver accused of trapping children on school bus

School district officials placed a bus driver who allegedly trapped students inside of a school bus on administrative leave Wednesday.

Parents of distressed Center Hill Elementary School students in DeSoto county captured the incident on video. The DeSoto County bus driver allegedly prevented students from leaving, and a student apparently climbed out of a window to escape. A mother filmed the situation on Facebook Live, which was shared more than 4,000 times, according to Action News 5.

“So as a mom, I just immediately went on Facebook Live and started banging on the door and I was like ‘That is my child in there! It is hot out here!’” Misty Grubbs, a parent of a student on the bus, said.

Parents grew concerned since the bus arrived 40 to 45 minutes later than its normal drop-off time, per Action News 5.

The school has reportedly not confirmed the reason for the delay. However, students told their parents one student allegedly used her cellphone to call her parents after the bus driver told her not to, prompting the alleged incident, Action News 5 reported.

“Per district procedure, the bus driver is on administrative leave as the matter is being reviewed,” a statement by DeSoto County Schools said. “She was a substitute driver for that route, and a new driver has been assigned to that bus route for the remainder of the school year.”



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