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Cardi B, Offset Address “Jealousy” In New Music Video

Cardi B takes on a reimagined version of Henson’s role as Offset emulates Jody, originally played by Tyrese.

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Cardi B and Offset have collaborated on their newest joint single and music video for “Jealousy.” The couple’s last collab was “Clout,” which Offset released in 2019 on his debut solo album Father of 4.

The Baby Boy inspired video, which was directed by Set, also stars Taraji P. Henson who originally played Yvette in the popular film. Cardi B takes on a reimagined version of Henson’s role as Offset emulates Jody, originally played by Tyrese.

The pair reenacts the scene of Yvette kicking Jody out of her apartment for cheating — to which Offset stays true to character by getting on his bike and pedaling down a L.A. street. Cardi then calls up Henson who gives her advice on her relationship, deeming that other women are just jealous of what she and the Migos member have.

“Hatin’ a** ni**a ’cause I got it out the mud/ Hatin’ in the family, ni**a, be your own blood/ Screaming “F**k 12″ to the D.A. and judge/ Never been a dub, never been a scrub/ .45 Glock, now, oh, you want the judge?/ Better than who? Must be high on them drugs,” Offset raps.

Matching her husband’s energy, Cardi comes in with, “Yellow Lamborghini like a bumblebee/ Girl, nobody listen to you ‘less you talking ’bout me/ It’s always a bird tryna tweet sh*t/ You offended when I be on defense/ They’re too worried ’bout me and my ni**a/ You should worry ’bout the ni**a yours sleep with.”

The couple’s children also make cameos in the video as Offset rides with the boys and Cardi has the girls. The pair share a daughter and son, as Set has children from previous relationships.

Offset recently shared details about his next solo album set to drop some time this year. Reportedly, the 31-year-old will have musical assistance from the late Takeoff, Future, Cardi B, Travis Scott, Latto, and Chlöe.

Set revealed the tracklist during an interview with Variety in May. “This is me going full-fledged into my solo career,” Set said. “The objective is to do it fully and smash sh*t and f**k the game up as a solo artist. I’m coming through, bustin’ through the door. It’s all set, my next chapter. It’s my time.”


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