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Cause of death confirmed in killings of Michigan rappers

A cause of death and hinting at more developments to come in the mysterious case.

Three Michigan men found dead in a vacant apartment building last week were shot to death.

The three men, rap artists Armani Kelly, 27, of Oscoda, Michigan, and Dante Wicker, 31, of Melvindale, along with their friend Montoya Givens, 31, of Detroit, had been missing since the evening of Jan. 21. Their bodies were found Feb. 2.

Kelly, whose stage name as a rapper was "Marley Whoop," and Wicker, known as "B12," were set to perform hip-hop sets at the east-side Detroit club Lounge 31 on Jan. 21. Givens, nicknamed "Jugg," tagged along. Their performances, however, were canceled because of technical failures with the club's DJ equipment, and then their families stopped hearing from them, leading to a widespread search.



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