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Celebrating 50 years of Hip Hop in NYC

The 50th anniversary of Hip Hop was celebrated through different events throughout New York City on Friday.


The commemoration kicked off in Central Park Friday morning with a big concert on "Good Morning America."

The artists included three Hip Hop legends, Fat Joe, Remy Ma, and Busta Rhymes. All three are natives of New York, where Hip Hop was born.

Some of the artists featured on "GMA" were also performed in the Bronx Friday night for a huge concert at Yankee Stadium, where the crowd roared for a star-studded celebration.

The all-star, celebratory Hip Hop 50 Live concert featured the biggest of names, including Run-DMC, Nas, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Lil Kim, Ice Cube, DJ Kool Herc & Cindy Campbell, and many, many more.

Hip hop heads traveled across the nation to celebrate where it all began.

Luther Mason and Auriah Hubbard traveled from Oklahoma City. They drove 21 hours straight just to get here.

"I'm not looking forward to the drive back," Hubbard said.

But they say they're glad to be a part of the celebration.

"it's a blessing," Mason said. "50 years of hip hop. It's my whole life."

It was free to the public and a walk down memory lane for many who attended.

Chuck D and Flava Flav were also in attendance and drew quite the crowd.

"To the people who don't think hip hop will go another 50 years ... don't believe the hype," Chuck D and Flava Flav said.

It was 50 years ago and many people credit DJ Kool Herc and his back-to-school parties in the rec room at the Sedgewick Houses in 1973.

Young Black kids in the South Bronx were experimenting with a new sound that would change American culture forever.

Recently, Eyewitness News spoke with Hip Hop pioneer KRS-One.

"August 11, 1973, I was one of the many kids running up and down the block. We had no idea we was starting Hip Hop," he said. "And I look when I come through and I say, 'Man look how far we've actually come over a 50-year period.' 50 years of Hip Hop proves that you can do anything with your mind."



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