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Charleston White Pepper Sprays his boxing opponent during face-off

Controversial YouTuber Charleston White went viral again, this time after pepper spraying his boxing opponent with mace at their fiery face-off and weigh-in on Friday (August 25).


A viral video circulating the internet shows Suede walking around the stage, repeatedly yelling out “Where he at?” Once White hops on the stage, things are calm for a good 5 seconds before Suede shoves White in the chest, forcing him to stumble backwards, nearly falling off the stage.

White catches his balance with one leg on the floor and one leg on the stage, and before anyone could blink, he whips out his infamous mini can of mace, aims it at Suede’s face and lets it rip. Trying to block the debilitating spray, Suede throws his hands up, but unfortunately White had a pretty good aim and got Suede all in the face with his mace.


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