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Court Hearing: Judge Hatchett impact statement after Ga sheriff admits to groping her

Bleckley County Sheriff Kris Coody has pleaded guilty to groping TV Judge Glenda Hatchett at a hotel bar in Cobb County. #JudgeHatchett #KrisCoody

Effective this morning, Coody has resigned, according to lawyer Joel Pugh. According to his lawyer, Coody wrote a resignation letter to the governor this morning. “My entire professional career, I have been involved in supporting victims," Judge Hatchett said in the courtroom on Monday “I have seen in my courtroom so many victims over the years.”

Cobb State Court Judge Carl Bowers apologized to Hatchett for how long the case took, and for her ordeal. He also thanked her for being in the courtroom today. “To be on this side of this is very difficult. It is important for the defendant and everyone present to understand the horrific effect this has had on me."

Hatchett said “This has cut me to the core” Coody has been sentenced to 12 months probation, 40 hours of community service, a $500 fine, and a psychosexual evaluation, and he must complete an alcohol and drug course, which his lawyer says he has already completed.

He has also been ordered not to make any contact with Hatchett. If he violates that order, Bowers said, “I will lock you up. Not a threat, simply a promise."

In June, Pugh said they were prepared to go to trial if they couldn't work things out with the state. But with the prosecution pushing for the trial to start Aug. 28, Coody and Pugh reached a plea agreement to avoid trial. In July, the Cochran-Bleckley NAACP called on Gov. Brian Kemp to suspend Coody due to the sexual-battery charges.

"They're treating him like he's above the law," Gwenette Westbrook, district coordinator for the NAACP in Georgia, said.



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