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Deion Sanders 'Emergency Surgery'

Deion Sanders had an emergency surgery on Friday to fix a blood clot in his groin

A recent episode of “The Pregame Show,” revealed Sanders could lose his left foot if he were to undergo another surgery. University of Colorado vascular surgeons Dr. Donald Jacobs and Dr. Max Wohlauer told Sanders that in that clip if the current pain in a dislocated toe isn’t dealt with soon it could lead to a more serious condition that will result in the amputation.

“There’s no talk of amputation or any of that whatsoever,” Sanders said in his most recent video. “The doctors were just telling me worst comes to worst, this was going to happen but I believe in staying right so you don’t have to go left.”

Sanders missed three games after his left big toe and second toe were amputated. With the 2023 season quickly approaching, a decision about what to do with his foot could come before the start of the fall season.

“I don’t have feeling in the bottom of my foot, at all” Sanders told his doctors. “I just want to know what we can do because I want to do it this summer. Because, when we get rolling, I’m not going to have time to do it.”




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