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James harden slaps his manager outside las vegas nightclub

Philadelphia 76ers star James Harden was involved in an altercation with a friend during a recent trip to Las Vegas.

Footage of the incident obtained by TMZ Sports appears to show Harden arguing with a man, then lightly tapping him in the chest and slapping his face outside of a hotel.

Per TMZ Sports, the man is part of Harden's entourage and the two went about things as if nothing happened after the incident.

A spokesperson for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told TMZ no one was called to the scene, and they "have had no incidents involving James Harden reported to the LVMPD."

According to TMZ, witnesses said Harden and the man went back inside the hotel when they noticed people were watching nearby.

The incident occurred around 1:25 a.m. local time on Monday. The 76ers last played on April 22 when they defeated the Brooklyn Nets in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference playoffs to advance to the second round.




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