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Johnny Somali has finally been arrested by Japanese police

JohnnySomali, whose real name was revealed after the arrest to be Ismael Ramsey Khalid, a 23-year-old American citizen, was livestreaming on Kick when he filmed himself going inside a hotel construction site in Chuo Ward, Osaka, on Aug. 30. #JohnnySomali #Japan #IRL #Kick #Japanesepolice

This is one of the incidents that led to American live-streamer Johnny Somali’s arrest in Japan. He trespassed on private property and harassed construction

A clip of the livestream re-uploaded to X, formerly Twitter, last week shows Khalid wearing a Halloween mask as he and his camera man go inside the restricted area.

Khalid is also accused of repeatedly shouting “Fukushima” to construction workers as an apparent mockery of the meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station on March 11, 2011. One worker furiously escorted Khalid out of the site.

Khalid was arrested on Thursday outside a 7-Eleven store in Osaka, where several officers waited for him.

Ramsey Ismael Khalid (Johnny Somali) has finally been arrested by Japanese police. #johnnysomali #ジョニーソマリ #Japan — k7 (@k7bb7) September 21, 2023



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