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Katt Williams Accuses Cedric The Entertainer of Stealing His Material

Katt Williams caught the attention of the comedy world when he suggested Cedric The Entertainer stole one of his jokes for The Original Kings Of Comedy. Cedric would then follow up on Instagram to responds to the allegations.

During a recent interview with “The Morning Hustle” with co-host Headkrack, Angie Ange, Lore’l, and Billy Sorrells, Williams was asked how he feels when fellow entertainers either borrow or steal his material and how does he go about addressing the situation.

Williams explained that when it initially happen to him, it was during a show on the “Kings of Comedy” tour in 2000, which featured fellow comedians Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer, and the late Bernie Mac. The 49-year-old said he was “crushed” for several reasons, including the fact that Cedric was “already bigger and more famous” than him. “He took my closing joke and made it his closing joke on ‘Kings Of Comedy,’” The “Friday After Next” actor claimed.

He continued, “The reason it hit so bad was that I was in the theater. I paid my money to go see Kings Of Comedy, and to see my joke being there and not me was about as disrespectful as it gets in our craft. I really took it really personally with Cedric the Entertainer at that time.”

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