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Kenyan Mother Accused Of killing and eating her 2-Year-Old Daughter detained

A mother has appeared in court charged with stabbing her two-year-old before cutting open her body and eating her liver.

Olivia Naserian, 24, is said to have killed her little girl Glory Njeri with a knife and gorging on her insides.

Her neighbours on a residential estate in Kitengela, a small town around 20 miles south of Kenya's capital, raised the alarm with police arriving to arrest her on suspicion of murder a short while later.

She appeared in court Tuesday, with the chief magistrate ordering her to stay in custody for an additional 10 days as the investigation continues.

The little girl's butchered corpse was taken to the Kitengela hospital morgue for a post mortem.

Kitengela investigators had requested the additional time as they try to establish the young woman's psychiatric condition.

Using archaic terminology, Kitengela Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss Benson Mutia said: "We believe the court will give us more time to investigate this matter, we also want to establish whether this woman is normal or has a mental illness. "What she did to her own baby is unexplainable."

Eywitnesses reportedly watched in horror through the window as Naserian stabbed the baby several times while singing hymns and obsessively reciting the alphabet.

The traumatised witness added: "The woman ate her baby’s liver as we watched.

"She also removed other internal organs search as intestines and heart from the body before becoming unconscious."

The mother fell unconscious and was later taken to the same hospital her child's butchered corpse lay.



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