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The Moment Officer Brian Sicknick is Dragged and beaten to death

A new video released on Sunday shows pro-Trump rioters beating an officer who is laying facedown on the ground. The rioters pull the officer down and use objects in their hands to beat him.

The incident took place on the side entrance of the building which was being guarded by officers — inlcuding the one that was eventually bludgeoned on the ground.

Trump supporters beat him with an American flag on a flagpole and with batons as he was face down

Sicknick was injured while physically engaging with the rioters and collapsed after returning to his division office, the statement said. "He was taken to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries,"

New footage shows a police officer being dragged out of the Capitol during riots by Trump fans Wednesday

Concern is mounting about calls for another march on January 17th, the final Sunday of the Trump presidency

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