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When your next stimulus check could arrive

With just a few weeks left in the year, Congress is running out of time to agree on a new economic relief bill that could include a second stimulus check.

Washington lawmakers are looking to extend federal budget negotiations one more week to avoid a government shutdown -- the original deadline was Friday, Dec. 11. Plus, Americans are still relying on Congress to approve a new economic rescue package before several federal assistance programs run out at the end of the month. As if that's not enough, lawmakers from both the House and Senate are calling for another stimulus check to be included in the aid this year (or possibly early next year) to those households that meet the requirements.

"The American people need help and they need help now," said Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent from Vermont, in a statement on Friday. "We have got to make sure that every working class American receives at least $1,200 in direct payments."



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